Navigating the labyrinth of government is complex and challenging.  At Lavender Consultants, we understand the issues you face in working with the many members of Congress.  That is why we spend time building a plan that is specific to your area of concern.

Once developed, we provide political representation that works to achieve the goals outlined in your unique plan.

Some of the services that are included in any representation engagement include:

  • Contacting members in Congress soliciting their support of or opposition to bills of concern to you and your organization
  • Preparing supporting or opposing materials related to legislative initiatives on your behalf
  • Assisting you in the federal Appropriations process. In the current political environment, the Appropriations process is not only a source of funding, but also, frequently a venue in which legislative changes are enacted.
  • Meeting regularly with House and Senate policymakers, the White House, and throughout the federal regulatory system
  • Assisting you in developing a network of contacts with other governments, businesses, think tanks, trade associations and others to assist in promoting your goals
  • Coordinating legislative contacts and other activities on legislative and political issues
  • Monitoring state and federal legislative and executive activities; participating in regulatory agency administrative proceedings; and preparing supporting or opposing legislative initiatives on your behalf.

Communication is of critical importance, and we provide you with periodic verbal and written reports on the status of legislative and political activities in Congress.  We also serve as a source of ongoing information and a sounding board for discerning and interpreting the changes within the political landscape.

Working together, we strive to advance your position and achieve your goals within the government hierarchy.